New York, nouvelle Silicon Valley

Quand on pense à New York, on imagine des financiers en costumes cravates hystériques en plein tradding à deux doigts de la crise cardiaque.

Merci à Oliver Stone et ses films “Wall Street” pour avoir alimenter la caricature…

Si on ne peut nier, que cette facette de ville existe, New-York ce n’est pas seulement cela. Vous vous souvenez de l’obsession du mot “start-up” qui alimentait les conversations et les reportages télé en France, il y a quelques années ? Si l’on a tendance aujourd’hui dans l’hexagone à revenir au concept PME plus ou moins innovantes, aux Etats-Unis en général et New York en particulier, les startsups originales, décalées et avant-gardistes sont toujours bien présentes. Petit voyage dans la galaxie start-up New-Yorkaise… Lire plus

A garden in your apartment

A New York City start-up launches a new concept that offers the possibility to grow plants in an apartment. Revolutionary .

We already knew the urban gardens, flourishing on the terraces and balconies of the cities, for the greatest happiness of urban people. To grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs while living in an apartment has attracted more than one family and is now a very common practice. However, the matter was getting complicated when the apartment had no balcony or terrace. Created by a young start-up of New York City, the Aqualibrium garden now solves the problem. Lire plus

The real estate technology startup scene in NYC

The real estate technology startup scene in New York is bursting at the seams. Over the past few years, company founders, users and the events that bring them all together have developed an imposing footprint on NYC’s real estate tech startup landscape.

The number of attendees at the monthly “NYC Real Estate Tech Startups” Meetup, an event allowing entrepreneurs to share products and ideas with one another, continues to rise. Another mover and shaker in the real estate technology industry, RETech NY held a conference with the theme The Future of Real Estate + Tech on July 25, 2013. Lire plus

50 size options for men clothes

 Two startups decided to end with the 3 sizes of men clothes, and aim to offer more possibilities. Both raised or are raising some money through crowdfunding campaigns.

Consumers are turning to the internet to buy clothes, and fashion websites are getting bigger. E-retailers, though, are always looking for new ways to get more customers and offer more than traditional stores. One of their major issues is to make sure the customer can buy clothes of the right fit without having to try them. The last few years, the e-stores created a lot of tools for women, like the InStyle Essentials range that allows customers to choose a top with bra size.  Lire plus

Online Marketing Trends of 2014

Online marketing is having a greater impact on marketing strategies, and already proved to be very efficient for the brands who really understand the way it works. Digital marketing is going to be even more important next year. Here are 4 trends that you need to watch in 2014. Lire plus

Get up !

An American startup, based in New York and Chicago, launched an alarm clock that wakes up users with the date they will die. Very efficient!

Fig Company is a startup that usually design and build platforms and softwares for companies, in order to allow brands to realize new revenue streams and to engage relationships with new and former customers, providing them useful and valuable technology-driven experiences. The startup already worked with great brands such as the famous magazine Forbes and the technologic brand LG.  Lire plus